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The Dualy Bipolar Magnetic System is simple, convenient, practical... and 100% safe for all Apple and Android smartphones!

Two phones, one solution

The Dualy™ Smartphone Connection System™ snaps two smartphones of any type together, for convenient access to both.

Industrial grade, phone-safe bipolar magnets align the phones, and let you separate or join them with ease. Magnets can be applied to existing phone case or directly to phone.

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Stick it!

Both phones can also be attached to metallic surfaces for phone storage. for app viewing and for photo / video stability.

Plus, each Dualy System includes two adhesive magnet plaques that can be applied to any flat surface to create an instant phone holder wherever mounting is desirable.

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Snap to it!

Tired of trying to juggle two phones, or ready to ditch your current confining dual phone case?

See why we’re  included in the Innovative Mobile “Top 5” Products by joining over 25,000 satisfied users with your own Dualy Smartphone Connection System.

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